Progressive Classiness

Progressive Classiness

Make a note of your thoughts, sort out your ideas, feel your true self. In an atmosphere that is both invigorating and soothing, and translates the raw charm of the city into tactile adventures, and its cool attitude into contemporary two-dimensionality and a contrasting geometry. Progressive and tasteful.

The intimate
living space allows plenty of scope –
to take a pause,
to think bigger,
to channel
the inspiration
you have gathered

»Ropes Edition«
Wall Lamp
by Christian Haas

Custommade Microcement
Floor Coating

Door Handle
by Buster & Punch

by Casamance

Futuristic design elements and brushed precious metals draw attention to the minutest details; cool micro-cement walls and textile counterpoints featuring rough softness comprise an artistic ensemble.

»Micro 6«
Wall Tiles
by Mosaicomicro

Pendant Lamp
© Stefania Giorgi

»Piega« Mirror
by Classicon

»Square 16«
by De Pandova